About Us

The Associated Square Dancers of Superior California (ASDSC) is a not-for-profit organization representing dancers from a five county area of northern California. Under the universal description of “Square Dancing”, we represent the disciplines of Square Dancing and Round Dancing

The ASDSC is composed of 11 clubs from the following northern California counties:

El Dorado

Our clubs encompass several different interest groups and disciplines, including those geared towards Singles, Adult Couples, Youth and Families, Gay & Lesbian, and Developmentally Challenged (our Handicapable club.)

Dance levels range from New Dancer through the Advanced level of Square Dancing; and Phase I through Phase VI in Round Dancing. Most of our clubs meet weekly, many host special weekend dances with guest callers and cuers, and a few travel together as a group to square dance festivals or non-dancing related camping events and cruises.

Our organization also sponsors an annual festival, Harvest Hoedown, which is held the 4th weekend of every Oct., in Yuba City, CA. This festival has dancing at all levels, including a special “learn to square dance” class on Saturday. To register or learn more, go to:, or click on the flyer on the right side.

The Associated Square Dancers of Superior California is a dancer run organization, with elected officials coming from within the membership of the organization. We work closely with local callers’ and cuers’, and with the California Square Dance Council.

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